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OC #20 Sankalp Series


Grind Size

Location – Garo Hills, Meghalaya

Altitude – 850 - 965 MASL

Varietal – SLN 795 and Cauvery

Process – ASD Naturals

Cup Notes – Dark Honey, Gooseberry, Walnuts

Roast Profile – Light - Medium

Named after the charming villages of Waribok and Daribok in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya, Project Sankalp has been unwavering in its mission to achieve a minimum cup score of 86+ and ambitiously secure the prestigious 90+ cup scorefor Indian coffee on a consistent basis. These lots encapsulate the artistry and dedication poured into crafting each coffee, promising a sensory experience that transcends expectations. Savour the unique flavours of the Sankalp Series, as it continues to make waves in the world of Indian coffee.