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Red Honey by Baarbara Estate


Grind Size
Location – Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Altitude – 1200-1600 Masl

Varietal – SLN 795

Process – Honey

Cup Notes – Raspberry, Vanilla Extract, Milk Chocolate, Indian Spices

Roast Profile – Light-Medium

Baarbara Estate is a haven of innovation and tradition, combining the best of both worlds to craft exceptional coffee. While their commitment to sustainable practices remains unwavering, they constantly seek new ways to enhance the coffee experience. Handpicked and hand-sorted, each bean undergoes meticulous care at their in-house dry mills, ensuring exceptional quality and traceability. With a passion for creativity, they experiment with innovative fermentation techniques, that is truly a testament to their expertise and dedication.

About the Process-

Coffee cherries with brix of 20-23 are carefully hand picked. To ensure superior quality, greens and half-ripened cherries undergo another round of sorting. Washed with pristine stream water, any floaters are removed, leaving only the best cherries. After being packed into fermentation tanks for 48 hours, the cherries are pulped slowly without water and placed on raised beds for drying. The entire drying process takes a minimum of 18-22 days, resulting in the finest coffee cherries, bursting with flavor and aroma in every sip.