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Raisin Candy

250 gms

Gemblary Estate sitting at an altitude of 1410m is located in Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu. Rich humus soil and unique climatic condition give the coffees its unique enrich flavours. Gemblary specialises in Arabica coffees, cultivated with intense care, dedication and hard work towards growing one of finest speciality coffees. Kents, S 795, Sln 9, Sln 5b, Sarchimor, Hawaiian Red Cattura, San Roman, Brazilian Catuai and Chandragiri are the varieties grown here. Coffees are grown under natural canopy of shade of Jack fruit, Silver oak, Mandarin oranges and various other country trees.

Gemblary is very keen to keep the plants healthy and to ensure the quality and productivity of the beans. Selectively hand-picked cherries and stand out processing methods creates novel flavour profile speciality coffees. Gemblary is home for Peacocks, Myna, Greater coucal, Racket-tailed drongo, Red jungle fowl, Indian Gaur, Wild boar, Civet, Dhole, Barking deer and many more.

Experimental Natural Process

The coffee cherries are selectively hand-picked by trained and skilled labours, making sure only ripe cherries are picked. They are then screened twice to ensure the standard of the cherries and the floats are completely skimmed off. Then, these ripen cherries are fermented with grapes in air tight environment for 72 hours.

The fermentation and drying process for each batch is carried out in a controlled environment where constant and close attention is paid to key variables such as pH, Brix value, Humidity and Temperature. Then coffees undergo series of Shade and Open drying on raised beds for 26-30 days.

Location - Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Altitude – 1410 mt. Masl

Varietal – Sln 9, Sln 5b, HRC, San Roman, Chandragiri

Process – Experimental Naturals

Cup Notes – Grapefruit, Plums and Raisins

Roast Profile – Medium