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Cold Brew

You’ll need:
  • Hario filter-in Bottle
  • Food Weighing Scale (for precision)
  • Coffee Grinder (if using whole bean)
  • 100gms of whole beans or 20 tablespoons of ground coffee (coarsest size, resembling ground peppercorns)
  • 500 ml of water at room temperature
  • Iced glass
Brewing steps:
  • Grind 100 gms (approx. 20 tablespoons) of beans to coarsest size, resembling ground peppercorns
  • Add ground coffee in the filter and lock it
  • Pour 100 ml of room temp. water in the bottle
  • Carefully place filter inside the bottle.
  • Add remaining 400 ml of water and close the lid
  • Refrigerate for 20 hrs
  • After 20 hrs, carefully remove the filter.
  • Your cold brew is ready.
  • Enjoy your cold brew:
  1. Straight on ice or
  2. Add milk or
  3. Experiment with flavoured tonic water and fresh juices