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Inverted Aeropress

You’ll need:
  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress Filters
  • Food Weighing Scale (for precision)
  • Timer
  • 16 gms of whole beans or 3 tablespoons of ground coffee (fine grind i.e., than sea salt)
  • 200 ml water at 92 degrees Celsius or boil water and use it after 5-7 minutes, once the temperature drops
  • Coffee Mug
Brewing Steps:
  • Measure 16 gm of coffee beans on your scale (Aprrox. 3 tablespoons)
  • Grind coffee beans to a fine grind i.e; finer than sea salt
  • Assemble your Aeropress in Inverted position
  • Attach 1 aeropress filter in the basked & rinse with water
  • Attach funnel to the dosing chamber and add coffee grounds
  • Pour 40 ml of water to saturate all the grounds.
  • Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds
  • Pour the remaining 160 ml water, saturating all the grounds evenly.
  • Agitate coffee using the stirring paddle.
  • At 1 min 30 seconds, attach filter basket to the dosing chamber
  • Invert the Aeropress with a glass/mug on top
  • Gently apply pressure on the plunger, pushing coffee through the filter. Stop once you hear the hissing sound.
  • Add more water as per your taste and enjoy!